Appetizer is the first step we do on the long way of enjoying meal. That's why they mostly consist of light and easily digestible products as well as appetizing ones. They are usually fruits, salads, cheese, veggies, sausages etc. The most important thing is they are served in small portions, you shouldn't forget that main dishes will follow. But your task is to surprise your guest with the first nibble. That means your appetizers should be stunning.

A lot of chefs insist that appetizers require not iota less attention than main courses and desserts. If you pick and cook them properly they will not only get the digestion ready for the main part of the meal but influence on the general impression of the particular event, too. In this case pay attention to the serving dishes: porcelain or metal dishes are ideal option for meat cuts, sliced cheese or fruits; glass vases are suitable for raw vegetables; small bowls are perfect for caviar and larger ones for salads; mini dishes are the best for serving olives and greens.

Sandwiches are the most common and quickly preparing snack. And it's not surprising as you can use a huge variety of products to make them such as meat, ham, sausage, cheese, fish and caviar. You can even make a sandwich on a bed of vegetables - in this case the best option will be pepper and egg plant. How about fruit bed? Salads also belong to the appetizer family. You can use a rich selection of vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peas, corn, onion, etc. Salads can be fruit, meat or fish, too.

We can also treat our guests to cold appetizers. These are mushrooms (pickled or salted), dishes made of cottage cheese, eggs or cheese. Pay attention to such kind of snacks as dairy is really important ingredient of our wellness. So when it comes to appetizers you can easily bring the whole world of tasty food to your table.