How tempting is the aroma of fresh baking and it's always associated with holidays as a result you immediately forget not only about current affairs but all your troubles and problems at all. Maybe that's why we adore it. It makes us feel loosey gossey. Or perhaps we love bakes because of the ruddy shiny crust, the light and crispy dough and delicate flavor of filling.

Today baking is not just sweet dough with filling sprinkled with sugar powder. So what is baking exactly? One can say baking is cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, pancakes, gingerbread, rolls, cupcakes, etc. While others say it's a real culinary masterpiece that hasn't got any limits within ages, nationalities and territories. Of course every country has its own culinary jewel, so nobody can imagine English breakfast without traditional coffee cake, while the French prefer croissants. Those who live in the Middle East love puff pastry called baklava. If you are a guest in an American family you'll be definitely treated to cookies: whatever the shape they are- they are always incredibly tasty. Slavs can't exist without bakes as well and they tend to enjoy cakes. Moreover they are not just cake - eaters they are creative cake- makers, too. As a result they enrich the world cookbook with new recopies every year.

Everybody knows that we depend on the weather in many ways. If in summer we wish for fresh fruits and ice cream, in fall rainy days (no mention the winter frosts) we more likely desire for a hot cup of tea and fragrant pastries. So if you in chocolate lovers league you'll be happy to spend the nasty rainy day in a company of world famous brownie: delicate as a feather, and perfectly moist inside. Moreover you won't waste your time on cooking all you need is about 30 minutes: make sure you've got enough time to call your friend to keep you a company. It has long been known that chocolate is a true pleasure hormone and it has its faithful friend a banana. So if you cook banana cake with chocolate icing you'll get a double portion of joy. You'll enjoy the cooking process as well: it's as easy as a piece of cake. In fact even a kid can manage to do it.

All in all baking is a tasty, easy and fast way to please your dearest and nearest. Perhaps we could do it more often.