Many of us like to treat ourselves to a tasty cocktail: some prefer soft ones while others don't mind to add some alcohol, but whatever the cocktail is it's just what we need to feel fresh and fine. But where cocktails came from, who was the first to make them. Nobody knows for sure. However there are at least 3 versions. One of them says that the first cocktails were made with gin which was rather sweet and sugary that's why they began to dilute it with other liquids as the result the cocktails were made. Recently the world's celebrated 200th anniversary of this amazing drink, allegedly on May 13, 1806 in America the first cocktail was created.

That's interesting but cocktails such as Martini, Daiquiri and Manhattan have been popular since their appearance in the 19th century. However Bloody Mary, Side Car, Americano and Negroni were invented during the cocktail boom in the 1920 30s.

Cocktail Margarita has numerous army of fans all around the world. That's why it's considered to be the most popular one. The story of its creation has turned into a legend. Almost every town along Mexican American border claims to be the home of this incredible drink. In 1936 Denny Negrete (romantic and in love) blended tequila, lemon juice and cointreau to make a drink for his beloved lady and called it after her Margarita. The next legend took us back to 1948 and introduced to Texas noblewoman Margarita Sames who had a habit to treat her guests to sophisticated drink made out of tequila. The Hilton Hotel owner Tom Hilton fell in love with Margarita and ordered to serve that cocktail in all his bars, restaurants and hotels. So the cocktail caught on immediately. Without doubt this delicious drink delights lots of people as it give the feeling of freedom and love.

Bloody Mary is probably the most famous cocktail in the world. The recipe is so easy that everyone can make it. The main ingredients are vodka and tomato juice. The author of this cocktail is French barman Fernand Petiot. However the cocktail got its name not from Mary Tudor, and not from Mary Magdalene, but from the young girl called Mary, who was the frequent visitor of Chicago bar Bucket of blood.

If you want to surprise your guests or family with tasty cocktails you just need to follow these hints:
1) Don't be mean and use only nice liquor. It's a really important ingredient that's in charge of taste, aroma and shade.
2) Using cooled glasses let you enjoy the chill longer, moreover the drink will look more presentable.
3) While making cocktail it's better to use fresh fruit, juices, herbs and syrups instead of canned ones.
4) Measure. Lots of people don't pay attention to the recipes and blend liquids for fun. Perhaps they like such drinks but you should know that the author of every cocktail measures accurately in order to keep all the flavors.