Main dishes

What do we usually start dinner with? As a rule we fancy appetizers or soup - but still it's just the beginning, because only the main dish can be considered a culmination of the meal. That's why the preparation of the entrée always requires a lot of time and attention, especially when it's a special occasion. First we thoroughly choose the recipe, then we estimate the cooking time and finally we think of the way to serve the dish it must look not just worthy but superb. However even on ordinary days we want to cook something tasty and try to do it quickly. And here a huge variety of recipes of main dishes comes in handy.

Meat, poultry, fish and seafood are mostly the product for cooking main courses, although it might be mushrooms, vegetables and pulses as well. The way of cooking differs too. It could be fried, baked, boiled, grilled, stewed or roasted. It's common to serve meat, fish and poultry together with some kinds of fixings such as rice, pasta or potato and of course vegetables in their rich diversity, not to mention salads.

Today, in the era of globalization, we have a splendid opportunity to taste and cook the dishes of many different countries and each of them has its own culinary treasure. So what are they proud of? What do you think of when you think about Japanese cuisine? I guess the answer is sushi. And you absolutely right - because sushi is a perfect combo of raw fish and rice. This traditional dish is made of rice, acetic seasoning and various types of seafood. It's weird but something delicious can be really simple to cook.

Amazing but true- Italian lasagna is ahead of traditional pizza and has become the most sought after dish mostly everywhere in the world. This delicacy is cooked by alternating layers of dough and layers of stuffing and the finishing touch is to pour it with bechamel sauce.You can also see the Caesar salad among the leaders of world's most popular mains. This appetizing dish comes from the North America and has already won the hearts of millions. By the way you can find this salad on menu of every self respecting restaurant or café. As for Canada, this country is chuffed of poutine. This dish is made of French fries poured with the brown sauce and serve with lumps of cheese.

You see nowadays you don't have to go to Hungary to taste Hungarian goulash, or to Mexico for a bite of fajitas. You can find these mouthwatering dishes on the menu of numerous cafes and restaurants. Isn't it a wonder?