You can find pies as a national dish almost in every country in the world; they often are a symbol of Lares and Penates and hospitality. The first sweet delicacy looked like a pie was discovered in Ancient Egypt. Personal Pharaohs' cooks baked fruits, nuts and honey in dough. However the Ancient Greeks are considered to be the founders of pies. At that time pies were made of pasta (water and flour) wrapped around meat as it was the best way to cook juicy meat. The Romans appreciated such a delicacy and took the recipe home. There they made countless experiments baking everything they could imagine in dough: meat, fish, lampreys, oysters, mussels, etc. Then pies caught on all over Europe and each country adapted pie recipes to the local products.

Today a baked or fried dish made from dough that has filling inside is called a pie. There are countless variations of pies regarding both dough (yeast, puff, biscuit) and different fillings. Charlotte is popular because it's really easy to cook and it doesn't cost you an arm and leg. The first Charlotte was baked in England. However a French chef Marie Antoine Careme was a good genius who made up such a simple culinary formula. And still the pie was named after the British monarch, George's 4th mother the queen Charlotte (it's one of the versions).

You can find the pumpkin pie recipe in cookbooks all over the world. And it is no coincidence as pumpkin is not only a very nice and useful vegetable, which is pretty cheap but it gives you a real pleasure while you cooking it as well. Pumpkin pie is one of the most favorite among Americans so it's usually made for holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving Day. After the World War Two America became a place for mud pies epidemic. They were made everywhere: in restaurants and at home, in the south and in the north, however the biggest fans lived in Mississippi. It's because those pies looked exactly like thick dry mud on the banks of the great river. Despite the unappetizing name and rather unattractive appearance muddy pie is incredibly delicious.

Tarte Tatin Pie is sometimes called upside down dessert. And it's also famous for the variety of fillings: apples, pears, peaches, bananas, apricots. In fact this French pie appeared by accident and nobody ever worked over its invention. It's better to say that the pie and its recipe as well was the result of the blooper and was very close to become the chef's nightmare. But it ended up to be one of the most loved and well known pies in the world.

Shepherd's pie traditional Scottish dish is actually a far cry from the pie. You see they use mashed potato instead of the dough, but still the combo of potato and meat is pretty hearty hence it's loved by majority of people, especially in Britain. All in all it's easy as a pie to find a proper recipe and treat you friends and family to tasty baking.