Since its first appearance pizza is getting more and more popular. Moreover it has held a place of honor in the cuisine of many countries. The major reasons for such popularity are the exceptional ease and speed of cooking. As a result nice, tasty and fragrant pizza is loved everywhere in the world. No wonder that pizza has become an essential part of our life and culture. Mouthwatering pizza triangles are always the piece de resistance at the party or at the family diner. We often see pizzas on the screen while watching movies and cartoons – as for me it's the best proof of its international recognition and love.

Apennine peninsula is the home of pizza. So if we look closely at the word “pizza” we will find the similarity with an Italian word “piatto” that means “plate”. The story of pizza started 200 hundred years ago in one of the most crowded European cities Naples where bakers began cooking a special dish for poor people. It was a flat cake layered with tomatoes, sprinkled with cheese and sprayed with oil. So there was pizza.

Pizza Margherita is the most traditional and common one. It has a very interesting birth story. In 1889 the queen of Italy Margherita celebrated her birthday and she was given a pizza made in colors of Italian flag: red – tomatoes, white – mozzarella, green – basil. The queen was so pleased with such a pizza that she ordered to give it her own name. Pizza Neapolitano and pizza Capricciosa are also very popular. For cheese lovers there's a pizza which consists of four different kinds of cheese, it's called Pizza Ai Quattro Formaggi. Pizza Quattro Stagioni is considered to be the most original as it's divided into four parts and each one symbolizes a definite season: spring – olives and artichokes, summer – peppers and salami, fall – tomatoes and mozzarella, winter – boiled eggs and mushrooms. If you're the fan of seafood you won't be disappointed to try pizza Ai Frutti Di Mare. Pizza Hawaii is the most extravagant as pineapples and ham are combined here in an incredible way.

Pizza’s versatility makes it a welcoming dish on every table. On one hand you can bake not only round pizzas but a rectangular one as well (so called Roman Pizza), not only open pizzas but folded one, too (Calzone). On the other hand pizzas might be of different calorific value: diet vegetable ones or more satisfying meat ones.

The most important thing is that whatever pizza you choose you definitely won't be disappointed - as every pizza is delicious. That's just a miracle.