Why do we like salads? Maybe because they are easy and quick to make and they don't require heating up? Probably because they are really rich in vitamins and minerals; or because they are a tasty way to cleanse your body and renew cells. Perhaps we eat them because they are real decoration of the table and give you a good appetite? Whatever the reason is we can state that salads are the best culinary invention ever.

The word salad comes from the Latin word salata meaning “salty”. It's known that the first salads were made in Ancient Rome at the times of plenty. However the dark times of the Middle Ages deleted numerous tasty recipes from the cooking. The new history of salads started at the Renaissance. At that time salads were considered the required supplement to every dinner. In France salads were made the most vigorously. The French experimented excitedly with different vegetables and herbs, mixed various kinds of cheese and lettuce. In the 18th century roots were added to salads. The French also picked the appropriate dressings to their salads; they used wine, lemon juice, vinegar along with olive oil. Moreover they were the initiators to add some spices to the salads. In the 19th century meat and prickles could also be found in salads as well as boiled eggs. And only in the 20th century salad came from the snacks into the category of separate dish.

The world of salads is incredibly rich. There are vegetable, fruit, meat, and fish ones. And of course there are salad celebs: number one is Caesar (it's delicious, nourishing and has such a noble name), however it was named not after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, but after a famous American smuggler Caesar Cardini. He's considered to be the author of this culinary masterpiece. Not less popular is the Greek salad, which is called village salad in Greece, perhaps it's because of the ingredients which were really common among the villagers. And of course Olivier which is called Russian salad even by the French despite the fact that it was invented by well – known French chef Francois Olivier who owned the French restaurant in Moscow. That's a pity but the original recipe was lost many years ago, although nowadays 100 recipes of this famous salad are known. Time flies and maybe you will be the one who makes the 101st one.

If you want to please your family and guests with a perfect salad try to follow these simple hints: never mix hot or even warm ingredients or the taste of salad will be spoiled; any salad especially green are salted just before serving; never be mean when you add greens as it's a source of minerals.

As you can see Salads are nice and light, salads are tasty and bright, salads are easy to cook and even greater to look.