You hardly ever find a person who doesn't like sandwiches. No wonder, because sandwich is easy, comfortable and incredibly tasty snack. But what exactly is sandwich?

Sandwich is a snack that combines bread and different fillings of meat, fish, cheese, butter, lettuce, veggies, fruits, cream, sauces… in other words everything you can imagine. Sandwich is rather hearty snack. That makes it a perfect food for school lunch or business lunch. On one hand having a quick snack of sandwich saves your time, on the other hand it fills you and rescues you from hunger. Actually it was the main reason for inventing a sandwich. Everybody knows that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was London minister and a keen hunter but nevertheless a man who had limited financial resource made up a sandwich as a way to feed himself cheap during his work over the numerous projects. And as a tradition the simple and tasty innovation caught on really fast. So today you can easily find a sandwich in every corner of the world, but you should remember that hamburger is also a sandwich, by the way it's more than a hundred years old - in fact the first hamburger was sold in 1900. Cheeseburger is a sandwich as well, but as you can see from its name cheese is the main ingredient.

The popularity of sandwich is just unbelievable- no wonder that The Sandwich Day is celebrated in the USA on November, 3. Let's check the top of the most beloved sandwiches out:
1. The PB&J
2. The Club Sandwich
3. The Sloppy Joe
4. The Reuben
5. The Monte Cristo
6. The BLT
7. The Muffuletta
8. The Dagwood
9. The Hero
10. The Sub

Despite a great variety of fillings, there are only a few types of bread used for making sandwiches. They are French baguette, Panini, bagel, sliced bread and ciabatta.We get used to think of sandwich as a snack, although if desired you can give them festive look: just bake teeny – tiny rolls and fill them with something nontrivial like jamon and mango or sultana and Roquefort cheese, lace with lettuce and greens and here you are – the feast for eyes and a treat for the stomach. All in all, sandwich is the dish you can always count on. It will never let you down whether you have a party or a banquette.