As we are trying to catch up with the trend for healthy eating soups are eventually returning to their former popularity. In some countries even special soup restaurants have been opened where guests are usually offered at about 100 different kinds of soups. No wonder, soups are really good for us as they stimulate digestion and give us loads of necessary nutrients and vitamins. Moreover chicken and vegetable broth is recommended as an additional remedy for a quick recovery from numerous diseases. It's able to rejuvenate the body. One serving of soup contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and C, potassium, sodium and folic acid.

As we know soup is about 500 year old. But what is soup? Soup is a liquid dish based on broth. Broth can be fish, chicken, mushroom and vegetable; while soups can be divided into cream soup, cold soup, hot soup and borscht. However if you want to make delicious soup you should remember 5 main rules:
1. Every kind of soup needs extremely fresh ingredients.
2. You should cut the ingredients strictly following the certain form that this soup requires as it influences the soup taste.
3. You should put ingredients into soup following the specific order.
4. You should salt soup just at the end of cooking.
5. You should never let your soup boil over.

Almost every soup has its own unique story. According to the legend well Ė known onion soup appeared during the reign of Louis the 15th. Once late at night the French king got hungry and it happened not in the palace but in a hunting house where there was nothing but onion, butter and champagne which were used as a base for such an incredible dish.Long ago fishermen who couldn't afford to throw away unsold fish had to use it for cooking soup. As a result a bouillabaisse appeared in France. Nowadays it's considered to be one of the most sophisticated dishes in the world. According to the recipe 5 main kinds of fish are included: sea robin, gurnard, angler, monkfish and turbot as well as lots of smaller fish.

And of course almost every country has its own soup which is a reflection of national cuisine. So if you are in Japan you'd better try some Miso, in Germany you should get a spoon of eintopf, in Ukraine you'll be delighted with a plate of borsch, and you'll definitely enjoy Vietnamese pho as well as Spanish gazpacho. So when it comes to soup you can easily bring the whole world of tasty food to your table.