Cake is not just sweet delicacy, it's also a story of our lives, a pleasant indulgence, loved by both kids and adults. Moreover it's another chance to blow the candle and make a wish. In fact every important event in our lives is accompanied with cakes. Can you imagine your birthday party, your Big Day, Christmas, christening, hen party or a stag party without such a delightful wonder as cake? That's why they always symbolize joy, pleasure and fun.

Everybody has own preferences: someone likes chocolate cakes, while others enjoy biscuit. Actually there is a countless number of cake recipes as well as the ways of cake decorations. But there is one thing all the cakes have in common - they are incredibly delicious and irresistible. However cakes belongs to the dishes with unknown age, although nobody can say for sure how old it is exactly, some scientists together with linguists suppose that first cakes appeared about 2, 000 years ago in Italy. In fact the word cake comes from Italian and means “something intricate and ornate”. And really nowadays we can have cakes of different shapes: standard (circle, square, heart, hexagon) or 3-D ones. But we shouldn't forget the contribution the French made to the development of cake art. As they were the inventors of cream, jelly, biscuit, caramel and meringue – all the stuff that required for cake making.

Did you know that on July, 20 the tastiest but still very young holiday is celebrated? You guessed? It's the International Cake Day. The holiday is devoted to the peace and friendship among people, countries and nations. The motto of this day is “I cake you”. So let's have a look at the list of the most famous and popular cakes in the world.
1. Napoleon cake - the best – known cake everywhere: the emperor of the cakes.
2. Pavlova cake - the base of this cake is meringue that looks exactly like ballerina's tutu. As you can guessed the cake was named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.
3. The Red Velvet Cake - the classic of American cuisine. Perfectly moist and always delicious.
4. Sacher cake – this chocolate cake was made up by a 16 – year – old cook boy and now it has a huge success all over the world.
5. Esterhazy cake - this chocolate – almond cake is very easy to recognize as it always have a chocolate web as a top decoration.

All in all cake is a great thing just because even the smallest cake can change your mood for the better.